About Us

The Taiwan New Constitution Foundation (TNC) was founded by Mr. Koo Kwang-Ming in August 2018, with an aim to promote the birth of a new Constitution for Taiwan
one that is made by the Taiwanese people, tailored to the needs of the Taiwanese society, and adequate for safeguarding Taiwan’s sovereignty. In doing so, we seek to build a normalized country which will be recognized and fully accepted by the international society, and to strengthen democracy, human rights and the rule of law in Taiwan, so as to re-invigorate those values and characteristics that are intrinsic to the polity of Taiwan.
We firmly believe that Taiwan will one day be accepted as a fully independent and de jure sovereign state. Toward that prospect, one of the most important elements is to have a new Constitution that is made by the Taiwanese people.
Working toward such an aim, we are committed to the fostering of the democratic processes, consolidating the national sovereignty, securing the economic self-reliance, and perfecting the constitutional mechanisms. Specifically, through conducting research, promotion activities, and communication with the public, we will work together with the general public in Taiwan, to make sure the new Constitution of Taiwan is one fully responsive to the needs of Taiwanese society, as well as one that enables Taiwan to meet its contemporary challenges in terms of sustainable development, generational equity, social solidarity.